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The News Spy Trading Software Review: Own Experience & Scam Check

Trading bot nameThe News Spy
Official logo
Scam (Yes / No)NO
Minimum deposit$/€/£ 250
Withdrawal speed0-3 business days
Payment methodsDebit/Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller
The News Spy Review
The News Spy
The News Spy

Crypto coins have changed the way people invest and trade, and once considered something strange and unclear, they’re new means of making money. Is it hard to indulge in crypto trading right now? Actually, given the decentralized and volatile nature of coins, you can benefit from trading with them. But to do so, you need a platform you can rely on. This is where The News Spy trading platform should be your number one consideration. This trading bot has everything you need to become a crypto trader. The most important thing to know is that there’s no need for trading experience to become a member of this platform.

It means that you only need to register and make your first deposit so that you can initiate the trading process. Your involvement in trading is limited to setting trading rules based on the trading strategy, which won’t take more than 30 minutes a day. So, the rest will be performed on your behalf with complete automation. Besides its great and unique automated system, you can find lots of interesting information about crypto trading itself and the site’s useful links. Read this The News Spy review to find out even more about this great platform where making money isn’t challenging at all.

Pros & cons of The News Spy software


  • User-friendly interface
  • Language options
  • Easily adjustable trading bot
  • Responsive customer support
  • Demo account
  • Regulated broker options


  • No mobile app
  • Limited crypto currency options

About The News Spy Software

What’s The News Spy? It’s a trading platform working on an automated system, meaning that you don’t have to be involved in the trading process. So, once you register and make your first deposit, you can start trading online. Your actions are limited to setting trading rules, and the trading bot will access the market data and will track the slightest changes that will help find optimal deals for entries and exits of coins. The main aim of the system is to make profits based on CFD trading.

The News Spy software offers quite a unique approach to the trading process where the main analytics is based on events related to politics and economics. This, in turn, helps the system come up with great and optimal trading deals. What’s more, this platform works with a complex set of algorithms and the support of AI, ensuring maximum levels of accuracy and profits. Here are some extra benefits of using this trading platform:

  • Backtesting feature: once you start trading, you’ll learn more about the process itself, and the backtesting option is one of the key features that can enhance your skills. With it, you can access the history of trading and find more about optimal trading strategies you can use.
  • Diversification of your coins: instead of investing a lot in one coin type, you need to diversify your assets, and with this platform, you’ll have a chance to invest in more than one coin per trading session.
  • Maintenance of trading without interference: the main difference between automated trading from the manual is that the former ensures trading without any human emotion. Such an approach helps to avoid human-related mistakes and minimize interference.

The News Spy app compatibility for trading on the go

For now, the site doesn’t offer any mobile app you can download, but is there a need for such an app? Actually, thanks to the mobile compatibility of The News Spy, you can benefit from trading on the go. If you have an internet connection, all you need is to access the site from your mobile device and initiate the trading process.

Starting to trade on The News Spy website

The main reason why you should start trading on The News Spy platform is an opportunity to make money every day. With maximum convenience and pinpoint accuracy, you just need to initiate your trading bot. So, if you’re sure to be a part of profit-making traders, you need to visit the homepage of the site.

Registration on The News Spy

If you visit The News Spy website, you’ll spot the registration form. Here you need to fill out the required fields. What’s more, don’t forget to include your active email so that you can use it for the verification process. Also, you need to come up with a reliable password. The whole process won’t take more than 30 minutes.

The News Spy deposit requirement

After your account is verified by the local broker assigned to you, it’s time to make the first deposit. It’s needed to activate your account. For now, the minimum deposit requirement is $250. When it comes to payment methods, you’ll find the following:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal

Free The News Spy test option

One of the best things about The News Spy is the option of a demo account. It’s a free trial of the system with which you can learn how this trading platform works. What’s more, you can learn more about the trading process itself. You can learn how to make pairs with crypto coins and fiat currencies.

The News Spy live trading experience

Following your deposit, you may start trading online. You just need to set trading rules and that’s all. However, if you’re a professional crypto trader, you can benefit from manual trading as well. What about coins online? For now, The News Spy website doesn’t offer a wide range of coins, but you can find the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

The News Spy payout information

Thanks to The News Spy platform working on an automated system, everything isn’t only transparent, but you’ll be impressed with the speed of performance when it comes to payouts. To cash out your daily profits, you don’t have to spend lots of time and energy, as all you need to do is to send a request and the process won’t take more than 2 days.

Top features of The News Spy software

What makes The News Spy unique and more appealing when compared to other trading platforms? Definitely, much is clear when considering its software offering algorithmic trading, and here are some other factors that you should know:

  • Top performance: The News Spy is impressive with its speed and accuracy. Such performance makes it possible for traders to earn money daily, and thus, when reading people’s reactions, you’ll spot that people have increased their incomes substantially.
  • Hassle-free registration process: to become a full member online, you need to pass registration, get verified, and make your first deposit. The whole process is straight, easy, and fast enough.
  • Risk controlling features: thanks to one of the most sophisticated software options, you can even manage some possible risks. For example, the site will offer using a stop-loss feature to minimize possible asset losses.
  • Professional support online: if you face some sort of problems, you don’t need to panic, as you can always appeal to help online. This can be done via live chat options. Also, you may go to the help desk page.
  • Higher win rates: one of the most appealing points that you should consider when choosing this platform is definitely the rate of success. Thanks to impressive speed and accuracy, you’ll get more profits and fewer risks.

Is The News Spy scam or not?

You shouldn’t worry about whether this platform is reliable or not. First of all, it’s a completely safe website offering maximum levels of security. Secondly, it’s a totally transparent system that won’t charge anything in secret. Finally, it’s all about high levels of ROI. So, if you need one of the most reputable and profitable platforms, The News Spy should be your first choice.

Tips on trading with The News Spy software

CFD trading might be risky, especially if you’re new to crypto trading. Thus, you better be careful when investing in such a type of trading. Here are some tips that could be helpful when trading on The News Spy.

  • Smaller investment: even if the site requires you to make a deposit of $250, you better start trading with a smaller amount, so no need to invest all of your deposit.
  • Disposable money: try to invest and risk money that you can afford to lose, but nothing more than such amount, so you won’t be risking all of your asset.
  • Frequent withdrawals: the best about this platform is that you have a chance to cash out your money whenever you want, so never delay doing so.
  • Privacy: never share your personal information such as passwords with anyone else, as everything should be kept in secret when trading online.

Bottom line

The News Spy is an automated trading platform offering higher performance, impressive speed, pinpoint accuracy, and more profits. If you want to become a part of society making money with crypto coins, you know the best destination for that.

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