Bitcoin System Review

Bitcoin System Trading Software Review: Own Experience & Scam Check

Trading bot nameBitcoin System
Official logo
Scam (Yes / No)NO
Minimum deposit$/€/£ 250
Withdrawal speed1-3 business days
Payment methodsDebit/Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller
Bitcoin System Review

Launched in 2016, Bitcoin System is a popular crypto trading platform promising you a great experience and profits up to $1,000 daily. What makes this site special is auto trading, enabling bots to work on your behalf with features of monitors, assessing and analyzing market sentiments, and finding the most optimal trade offer. The site claims that after more than 5,000 reviews, it has 4.5 points out of 5, which makes the Bitcoin System reputable.

Besides, the site is proud to have received the award of prestigious Most Profitable Crypto Robot by UK’s Auto-Trading Society. However, they’re enough to say that the Bitcoin System isn’t fake or a scam. So, in this review, you’ll learn about everything related to trading and using this software.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin System


  • High success rates and accuracy
  • Responsive customer support
  • Daily ROI of 300%
  • Transparent and fast operations
  • Minimal investment requirement
  • Great compatibility


  • Limited range of crypto coins

How Bitcoin trading System functions?

The process of trading on this platform is clear and easy to use. It’s designed to make it possible for beginners to start trading without prior experience. However, it doesn’t mean it’s advisable to start trading as soon as you register online. Having some basic knowledge about trading and how the site works will be helpful.

Auto trading on Bitcoin System website

Since the concept of auto trading has become more popular, people have started having problems with the platforms they choose to trade. Lots of scams have appeared online, and thus, people try to be more cautious. Therefore, your discretion is always your best friend, both in investing and trading. But what’s auto-trading and what makes the Bitcoin System so special?

Auto trading is the process of activating robots with settings configured beforehand. They’ll perform everything without a need for your involvement. The Bitcoin System calls such trading as autopilot, as it clarifies more. You simply go, configure, and activate your bots to do everything with better accuracy and speed.

You may wonder why you should choose this platform while there are myriads of similar ones. The first reason is the unique software. It’s designed and programmed with the special programming language and therefore, considered to be proprietary, as it’s different from others. What’s more, it aims to minimize the possible risks of losing your assets and avoiding human-induced errors.

Benefits of auto trading on Bitcoin System

70% of people trading with this software claims to earn from their trading. Another great feature of this software is that it’s AI-backed and works with complicated algorithms. Yet, what are the benefits of trusting this autopilot?

  • It’s time-saving and allows you to get involved minimally. This way you can be free to do your own stuff or job. Since it’s automated trading, you’re responsible for two actions only. One is to set the rules for trading, and the other is to monitor your trading.
  • You may diversify your crypto trade and benefit from trading with various coins. You never know which will bring more benefit. So, trading only with Bitcoin isn’t a great idea, so, why not have Litecoin or Ethereum?
  • The system helps you avoid sentiments and maintain the discipline of trading. The main reason why auto trading is popular is that it’s devoid of emotions and can keep track of trading without fear, greed, and doubts.
  • You may always benefit from backtesting. It can provide you with helpful insights regarding how experts have made decisions and learn from others’ mistakes at the same time.

Don’t think that auto trading is flawless, as it’s human-made. Issues of various types may arise all of a sudden, and that’s why no trading platform is 100% profitable. Simple internet connection problems can result in losing your investment or cancellation of your trading.

Top 5 reasons to join Bitcoin System

When visiting a site, it encourages you to invest and trade. It even shows the recent traders and their earnings in the upper right corner. So, this looks great, but the site also warns everyone on the site that trading is a risky job. No matter how perfectly robots can function, it’s all about the market and its sentiment. Volatility is inevitable, and the coin you might be trading today may become less worthy tomorrow. Who knows? However, this doesn’t make the Bitcoin System scam or less valuable. Instead, there are many great positive things to tell, but the main ones are below.

  • It’s secure. What makes the site reliable is the way it protects itself from external and internal hazards. This is critical when it comes to sites where trading and investing are the main activities. So, you’ll discover that site employs BitGo, McAfee, Norton, and Secure Trading tools. They make it possible to monitor the site’s activities and prevent all kinds of cyber and hacking attacks.
  • It’s fast. Thanks to the automated system online, you won’t be the one waiting for anything too long. Starting from your registration to other operations online, everything is done within a short time. For example, when withdrawing your money, you need to visit the broker’s withdrawal page where you fill in your request, which is processed in an hour. So, you can cash out your earning in one day.
  • It’s accurate. The software the platform employs is specific and is intended to bring more positive results. It has an accuracy of more than 90%. This allows traders online to earn impressive sums. Thanks to this software, the site has more than 15 awards in the last three years.
  • It’s multi-lingual. It happens that some sites may be limited in the language supported online. Such a problem can complicate the process since not all traders speak fluent English, the main language online. Yet, Bitcoin System offers 10 language options, and some include Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • It’s not expensive. It’s great to find out that the site has no hidden fees, and you won’t end up thinking about what you pay for. The major part of the software, online or downloadable parts, is for free. The first payment you’ll have to make is your deposit to activate live trading. The other is 2% of your profit thanks to collaborating with ECN brokers, which helps make the costs low.

How to join Bitcoin System?

If you want to have a Bitcoin System test or start trading, the whole process won’t take more than half an hour. However, before you register, you better know that not all countries are supported on this platform. Still, the list of countries supported is impressive.


”Change Your Life Today.” This is the motto on the registration box. Here’s the place where your journey will start. You need to provide basic information like your full name, email, and phone number with country code. When you click on Open A Free Account, you give your consent to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions, which are worth your scrutiny. Then, you need to check your verification mail.


After your account is verified, you may browse the site and learn a lot of interesting things. You may find out more about crypto trading and automated trading. So, if you feel ready to start, you should make your first deposit, with a minimum requirement of $250. The platform accepts many payment methods along with credit and debit cards.


You can be a professional or novice trader, but the site has everything for both. Once your account has its deposit, you may start trading. You’ll be redirected to the live trading dashboard. Here, you may stop or start auto trading. What’s more, you have an option to trade manually as well. Besides, you track the history of your transactions and monitor the process online. The site supports crypto to crypto along with fiat money trading options.

Bitcoin System app features

After your first Bitcoin System login, you may benefit from various features. They make the site unique and outstanding. In fact, the website is full of surprises. Don’t forget to visit the section on real testimonials to find out even more. From time to time, you’ll see some announcements regarding the contests you can participate in.

Demo account

After Bitcoin System registration, you don’t need to rush and start a live trading session. Take your time and dedicate some to learning. Many platforms won’t offer you a free trial account. But, it’s not a case here, and you won’t only benefit from practicing with a demo account with free virtual credits, but you may learn how to trade online.

Customer Service

The site has a great and informative FAQ section where you can learn a bit more about the site and trading. Yet, if any unexpected issues arise, you can always go to the help-desk where you provide your name and email with a description of your request. After a short time, the team will contact you and try to solve your problems. The support works 24/7, so you won’t lose contact with it.


The site claims to have some mobile apps you may download after your registration so that you can trade on the go. Yet, provided you have internet access, there’s no need to download anything. The software is compatible with several operating systems, so you won’t have problems using it on various devices and mobile phones.

Is Bitcoin System fake or real?

The Bitcoin System website is definitely great and it’s worth your attention and money. What it may offer to you? First, it’s all about security, as the site doesn’t only provide safety with its latest technology and tools, but it constantly monitors its staff. All your data is protected from malevolent activities. Secondly, you may read through people’s reviews and visit the testimonial page. Moreover, on the homepage, you’ll see a table of people with their profits. Thirdly, it’s about its reliable and accurate robots making it possible even for beginners to trade like professionals.

About Bitcoin System experience

Is this platform only about trading online? Of course not. This is a spot that grants lots of opportunities to rediscover yourself as a trader. Thanks to various tutorials, you may simply enjoy learning online. However, why not become a trader with the help of software. To have a more positive online experience, you better keep up with some tips so that you won’t go bankrupt and disappointed.

First, the more aware you are, the more cautious you’ll be. You need to learn and do research on auto trading, even though the site claims it to be simple in use. Then, never rush to trade, especially without using a demo account. With the free trial, you’ll learn what it means to trade with robots. Then, never invest more than the minimum requirement, even if you can afford more. Approach your investments smartly and cautiously. Finally, learn from your mistakes and listen to experts’ opinions and prognoses.

Final verdict

Many traders want to discover a safe, fast, and convenient platform with higher chances of earning from each trading session. Thanks to the proprietary software and other great features, your stay with Bitcoin trading System can become more profitable. Register and try this trading app to earn more profit than ever!

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