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Bitcoin Evolution Trading Software Review: Own Experience & Scam Check

Trading bot nameBitcoin Evolution
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Scam (Yes / No)NO
Minimum deposit$/€/£ 250
Withdrawal speed0-1 business day
Payment methodsDebit/Credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller
Bitcoin Evolution Review

Bitcoin has already been around for more than 10 years. In this period, it made many millionaires, and lots of altcoins such as Ethereum, Cardano, ChainLink, and others appeared. Now people invest and trade in the crypto market to make money and some even do it full-time.

However, trading isn’t easy, especially in the crypto market, where everything is very volatile. You need to have advanced knowledge of Technical and Fundamental Analysis, know how to use price action, and read candlestick patterns.

Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to learn all of that to make money with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Evolution is an app that can trade for you and make you money in the market. Bitcoin Evolution software works better than any human trader and can make you much more money. Stay tuned to find out everything about this platform.

Bitcoin Evolution app hits and misses


  • Advanced trading signals
  • 90%+ success rate
  • Fast withdrawal process
  • Many banking methods
  • Available mobile application


  • Occasional trade mistakes

What’s the Bitcoin Evolution trading platform?

If you want to know what Bitcoin Evolution is, you’ve come to the right place. It’s an app that uses algorithms for its trading. With their help, the program analyses the market in a matter of minutes and decides on where it’s best to make a trade.

Bitcoin Evolution also works using trading signals. They give the app additional confirmation on whether the trades that it plans to make are good, or bad. The robot then opens the trade and then closes it following the signals that it receives.

About the Bitcoin Evolution mobile app

The program also has its mobile application available for download from Google Play. After conducting a test on the Bitcoin Evolution mobile app, it can be said that it’s user-friendly and comfortable to use from any place in the world.

How to join the Bitcoin Evolution app

Bitcoin Evolution has one of the quickest sign-up processes you’ve ever seen. This is a thorough guide on how to get through the registration even faster and better. Keep reading to learn everything about the sign-up before starting it.

The form

The first step is to fill out a very simple form. You only enter your name, surname, phone number, and email. After that, you’re going to have to verify your phone number to proceed to the next step.

Account activation

Now, you have to activate your account on Bitcoin Evolution. To do so, you must deposit at least $250. You might feel scared, but the Bitcoin Evolution user experience shows that the platform is safe to work with. Positive user feedback is vital for a trading app to have and this one succeeds in doing so.

Demo account

After activating your account, you get a free guide of the site by the Bitcoin Evolution system. It also provides you with a demo account that you can use to try out trading before doing it with real funds. Make use of it, since a demo account can help in trading a lot.

Live trading

Once you feel confident enough and get a feeling of the market, you can begin live trading. For that, you need to deposit at least $250, set up the bot, and launch the program. Setting the robot up can be a bit complicated, so here’s a list of things that you can do with it.

You can activate stop-losses to protect yourself from unnecessary risks. Also, you can set the length of the trading sessions, how risky the trades in it are, and also which indicators you want the system to use.

Bitcoin Evolution withdrawal

For cashouts, you can try MasterCard, Visa, Bank Wire, or cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Evolution payout speed is astonishingly fast. Every payout is processed within 24 hours from the sending of the request. The charges are higher on debit cards and lower on crypto.

Special features of Bitcoin Evolution

Every platform needs to have something to brag about to be able to stand out among others. Bitcoin Evolution has tons of things that make it one of the best trading bots. Here are the main reasons why.

Free software

Bitcoin Evolution app is free to everyone. This makes it exclusive since not many professional brokers are ready to provide their software for free. You can grab this opportunity and make tons of money with the platform while it’s completely free.

Paper trading account

For beginner traders or those who just want to practice before going into the real market, Bitcoin Evolution offers a demo account. Using it, you receive fake funds that you can use to trade. Here’s the purpose of this account.

Even though you’re trading with fake money, you’re gaining real market experience which should be the top priority for any beginner trader. Also, you’re not risking anything. The only downside is that you won’t get to experience those emotions that people have when working with real cash.

Fast payouts

Bitcoin Evolution payout speed is more than just fast. Everything is processed within the first 24 hours from the time when the request was sent. It’s great, since no one, especially when it’s a job in which you’re working with money, wants to wait long for such procedures.

24/7 support

Bitcoin Evolution has a 24/7 support team that you can contact at any time using a live chat, or email mentioned on the site. Feel free to ask anything, since it’s the goal of the site to make your stay on it the most comfortable.

The average response time is an hour, so you won’t be left hanging. Furthermore, the wait is worth it, since you can receive thorough, clear instruction on how to solve your problem step-by-step.

Protection systems

Bitcoin Evolution is considered a safe platform to use for trading due to its top-notch protection methods. Firstly, it uses SSL to encrypt the user’s data on the site and send it to a safe server for further protection. It’s a trusted security measure used by even the most popular websites.

Moreover, the phone number verification at the sign-up is also made for protection reasons. With that verification, the site can confirm whether you’re a bot or a real human who can identify himself when asked to.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a fake app?

One thing that can be said for certain about the app is that it’s legit. If you look at the user feedback, you’ll see that the overall opinion on Bitcoin Evolution is very positive and people are happy with the program.

Some people might still be cautious and guess if Bitcoin Evolution is a scam or not. Another thing that can take away your worries is the number of features that the platform provides users with. No scam would work this much on the project. It shows that the team has passion and dedication to make a trustworthy app.

Tips for better trading on the Bitcoin Evolution app

The last step to take before going trading at Bitcoin Evolution is to remember a bit about it. Here are some of the best tricks to get you started with, or make you refresh your mind about trading.

Consider risk-management rules

One of the most vital things in trading is to calculate your risk/profit ratio and keep it at a good level in every trade. Your reward needs to be at least 1.5 times more than the possible risk. That way, if you make a loss in 1 trade, you can regain your balance in 2 trades.

Control your emotions

When trading on Bitcoin Evolution, this problem won’t occur, since machines don’t have emotions. However, when trading yourself, control your emotions and don’t let them influence your trading in a bad way.


Bitcoin Evolution is a trading bot worth using to make lots of money. The app offers a 24/7 support team, many banking methods, and trustworthy technologies. Give it a go and remember to always take your profits and not get greedy.

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